Via this site, SHPE Chapters can apply for Google Mini-Grants and ACE Mini-Grants.  Select the appropriate application on the menu above, and follow the instructions.  Below is the information on each grant, in case you need help choosing the correct one.  Note that you can and should apply to both!

Google Mini-Grants

SHPE and Google.org through the Tides Foundation have partnered to fund 50 proposals directed towards recruiting more college students and professionals into our chapters.  (Please note: This is not a pre-college initiative). The purpose of the SHPECodes Mini-Grants program is to create a thriving community for Latin@s in the computing disciplines.  The focus of this program is in recruiting and retaining chapter members who are majoring and/or working in the computing disciplines, such as computer scientists, web developers, network administrators, database administrators, software developers, tech startup founders, programmers, wearable tech inventors, cybersecurity, game developers, along with professors and researchers in these disciplines.   To apply for Google Mini-Grants, click here.  

ACE Mini-Grants

ACE Mini-Grants are funded by the IPC and are specifically for K-12, Pre-College initiatives.  The purpose of these grants is to increase the interest of pre-college students in STEM careers, and therefore increase the number of Latinxs enrolling in STEM programs at the college level.  The focus of these activities is on exposing Latinx youth and their parents to the various career paths in science, technology and engineering, and demystifying the college experience.  To apply for ACE Mini-Grants, click here.